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Hi, I’m Wim, and I am a web developer. I am age years old, and I live in Deurne, Belgium. Before becoming a web developer, I have worked for Novartis for 12 years, initially in a customer service role, before moving into a business support role and eventually becoming a business planning analyst & sales analyst.

I had a good time there, but over the years I developed a desire to move towards web development, so in 2015 I went back to school at Thomas More Hogeschool in Mechelen. In 2018, I graduated as a bachelor in Interactive Multimedia Design, option Web Development. My main interest is in front-end development, which is what I focus on primarily in my current job as well, but my skill set also extends into back-end development, mobile development and web design.

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Let’s start off with the typical front-end technologies: obviously I know HTML5. Using the correct markup, and writing this with the end-result in mind is not difficult, but important nonetheless. I am fluent in CSS3 and typically use Sass as a preprocessor, although I can work with Less as well. I use my own style of BEM when writing classes, but I am open to adapt to other methodologies.

I am fluent in Javascript, but not an expert… yet. :-) I prefer using jQuery, but can live without as well. I am familiar with a nice amount of ES6 features. As we speak, I am picking up React, which I really enjoy. You will see more and larger React projects appearing on this site soon.

I use Bootstrap as a front-end framework, but I have also previously encountered Foundation, which I liked as well. I automate quite a few processes in Gulp. You can check out my base theme’s git repository and check the gulpfile.js there to see my base setup. Which gives me the perfect opportunity to mention that I use Git by default as well.


I have some basic PHP and Laravel knowledge. I can produce something in Java, like for instance an Android app.


I am most familiar with Drupal 8. I can set up a site, make a custom theme with Twig, and have a good overall understanding of the CMS. I rely on outside help for custom modules & advanced setups, but I can set up simple to medium-sized sites with ease. This site was made in Drupal 8.

As for WordPress: I can set up a basic site, use the most common plugins and make a nice theme. I can perform maintenance support for more complex sites, but have no experience at this point to produce these myself.


I use Photoshop and Illustrator on a regular basis. I know sufficient functionality to support my front-end activities when needed.


I have an active interest in User Experience and try to incorporate as much of the knowledge I have gathered on the subject in the work I do. 

This site contains a couple of projects which I managed to finish in between my busy study & work schedule. I just love producing projects on the side, if only there was more time! If you want to get in touch, please just leave me a message. Alternative ways of contacting me or finding more information on my work & mindset can be found in the footer. I am always looking forward to meet new, interesting people!

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