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Welcome to my personal base theme

Every front-end programmer usually goes through the same sort of process when starting a new project. Installing frameworks, libraries, packages. Copying a previous gulp or other automation tool into the new project. Hooking everything up and making sure you're good to go. Then copying other parts from previous projects whenever possible.

This, of course, is not the most solid way of doing things. It is way too time-consuming and repetitive. In order to solve this, I made this personal base theme. It installs a number of dependencies for a new project with one simple command, and at startup it just needs one other command to have everything up and running. It features a bunch of default styles which can be modified easily, and a collection of standard elements to build upon.

Basic Components Page Parts Views Forms Landing Page Large Header

Features & Advantages

Quick & painless installation

Standard templates & page parts

Sass variables for uniform results

Highly customizable & well documented

All separate elements available in this theme can be found by following the links in the main navigation. Just select the element you need and change it to your liking. More information on the classes and setup available to you, can be found in the README file on the GitHub repository.

This is not a theme which was built with casual users in mind. It does require a web developer with sufficient knowledge of front-end technologies to properly work with it. Especially some grasp of Sass is necessary. Apart from that, the documentation should provide you with sufficient information.

Visit the GitHub repository
Creating this base theme was not only good fun, but it will also save me a lot of time when working on future projects.
Wim Verpoorten

Installation is so easy...

Just a couple of simple steps will have you up and running with this theme. Everything is documented clearly as well.

Go to the Github repository

Clone GitHub repository

Start off by cloning the GitHub repository to your local computer.

NPM install

Open a command line and let NPM take care of all the installations which are needed.

Start Gulp

Once NPM is done installing, just start Gulp in the same command line, and you are set to go.

If you want to learn more about my projects or just want to say hi, please have a look at my portfolio site.

You are currently looking at v1.1 of this base theme. I keep on expanding it as I go along. At some stage, I will continue to tweak it and to put new elements in there.

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