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Base Theme

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The general idea

Some of the things we do as developers are extremely repetitive or need to be repeated for virtually every project. Whatever we can do to automate or optimize these processes is a win, and that's why I created this base theme.

This theme contains default templates and styling for a wide group of elements you will typically find on a website. These can easily be modified, either by using the variables which are included, or by adding some of your own. Either way, the default setup will save me a lot of time and keep all of my projects in line with each other in terms of recurring elements and patterns. Unless I don't want that to be the case, of course.

It also contains quite a few plugins which I regularly use for certain tasks, which makes activating and using these a breeze.

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This theme is frequently updated with whatever new features that either pop in my head, or which come out of existing projects and seem interesting to me for re-use.

All code is constructed in such a way that it should be easily adaptable. Feel free to take a closer look in the GitHub repository. You can find more detailed information in the README.

Have a look at the theme Check out the code on GitHub

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