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The general idea

This app was a quick exercise to practice building a native Android app and using an api.

Just some fun

This app is a bit nonsensical, let me be the first to admit that, but it was quite fun to make. Making a calculator, albeit a tiny bit unoriginal, proved to be a nice way to practice making an Android app. I did not follow a tutorial, so figuring out how to deal with each possible outcome or situation was a good exercise.

The addition of showing a random fact about the result, was just an idea which allowed me to use an API. I used a very simple API without API key, just to get the fundamentals right.

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As with most exercises, I picked up quite a few things from making this app. Like showing a message informing the user that no information would be supplied when there is no internet connection, just to name one example.

Now go and calculate!

Calculate away! Check the code on GitHub

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