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The general idea

Nothing beats a subject of personal interest when it comes to practicing dev skills. So when I decided to make a WordPress site from scratch, it did not take long to decide on the subject: I had made quite a bit of music back in the day (when I was still young and vibrant!), so I made a website around that musical project.

The full story

Most of the information you need to know is on the website itself, as it has no real value as a marketing tool (this music was never made with the intention to be commercially appealing to anyone).

I enjoyed the exercise of setting up a WordPress site and making a custom theme. I did not go too mad on the plugins, but I did have a look at a few very popular and/or useful ones. The basics were not too complicated really.

InHere website screen shot 1

The design is a bit over the top, I know. Somehow I had decided I wanted to do some funky stuff with gradients. Which I did! It might look a bit too flashy, but I learned a few nice styling tricks along the way, which is always nice.

Integrating a third party music player and trying to do so as seamless as possible was also nice. Overall a very satisfying project.

Have a listen Check out the code on GitHub

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