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The general idea

This Hangman game can be installed on an Android phone as an app. Initially it was just an initiative to practice Javascript, sharpen my Illustrator skills and have a go at making a PhoneGap app and publishing it on the Google Play Store. In 2020 I remade the app in React, this version can be played online.

How it came about

During my time studying to get a bachelor degree in web development, I designed and made this amusing take on the hangman game. I always figured these games were not that well made, because I did not really care whether the stick figure in the simple drawings of the game “would die” or not. Therefore, I wanted to make a version in which you actually do not want the figure in the game to die!

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Apart from the fun of designing the app, it was a nice practice for my Javascript skills at the time, it gave me an opportunity to check out how making an app in PhoneGap works (spoiler alert: it is quite easy) and I managed to get it published on the Google Play Store… for a couple of months, because Google decided the app contained images which were inappropriate. I personally disagree, but you can make your own decision on the matter. Let me know your thoughts by sending me a message through the contact page!

Hangman screen shots 1

You can find a link to the APK on this page, so if you own an Android phone, you can still install it. It does require some trickery though (no viruses, I promise!), but those brave enough to install the game can find some additional info here in order to get it installed. You will also find a link to the landingpage of the game, which is a bit redundant now, but I like the bold visuals, so why not...

Download Game APK Visit the landingpage

If you wish to play the game online, you can do so as well now. I remade the app in React. This was a fine exercise for me, and as a little bonus it bypasses my little disagreement with Google. Please find a link to the online app & the code below.

This version was made in React, using the Context API, Axios (to fetch words from the library hosted on Firebase), Styled Components & React Transition Group elements for a couple of animations which needed extra care and attention in a React setup.

Play the game online Check the code on GitHub