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The general idea

The portfolio site you are looking at was not the first one I ever made. Not even the second one either! It is, in fact, the third one. Building a portfolio site is always a nice way of practicing new skills and refining what one already knows, and because the previous portfolio site was no exception to that, I still wanted to showcase it here.

Some context

When building my previous portfolio site during my studies, I wanted to make something different and challenge the traditional website setup, while still maintaining a fluent UX.

I used a very limited colour pallet and kept everything as sober as possible, while adding some nice twists: the animated svg shapes, the way the different "pages" slide in from different sides by using their handles, the custom hover effects on the project teasers or the social media links…

Portfolio2 screen shot

This setup was quite nice, but proved to be too limited in its possibilities to properly showcase my work in the long run, so that's why you are now looking at this current portfolio site instead. But it would have been a shame not sharing this old one here, so there you have it.

Take a look

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