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The general idea

This website combines two things I really like: Stephen King's books and React! I had made some apps in React before, but never a complete website, so I wanted to make one. Additionally, all my previous React projects had used class based components, this website uses functional components, which I had studied just before. Creating this website was good practice and gave me additional insights into functional components.

Some More Context

At some point I realised class based components had gone out of fashion in React world, and functional components were the new standard. So I learned functional components by going through a Udemy course I had done before, but which had been fully updated for functional components, including brand new exercises.

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At first I was a bit reluctant, since I had gotten used to the class based approach and did not see the advantage of hooks etcetera, but after completing the course, I was really converted and loved the logic of using functional components.

Once that was done, I wanted to practice my new knowledge. I had already made a couple of apps in React, so I figured it would be nice to make a website. This would allow me to practice a couple of libraries in some more depth.

book detail info

I always like to make exercises around subjects I like, so as an avid Stephen King reader, I made up this idea about a Stephen King book shop, which would have a website to allow its members to show which books they had read, like them, comment on them, and view other members' collections.

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For a more detailed overview, check the README in the git repository (here you will find login info as well). And don't forget to check the book club's site itself, of course!

Have a look Check out the code on GitHub

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